Monday, May 16, 2011

Can't Get No Breaks

In this economic climate, many people (especially in Michigan) are looking for work. I was thinking about employment tests, and the questions they ask and I realized that for superheroes looking for work, these tests might be a great deterrent. While the "normal" individual won't agree with many of the statements on these tests that were created to locate people with personality disorders, superheroes might find some of these attributes to be true representations of their own lives and experiences.

Below is my comic showing unnamed and indistinguishable heroes and their follies in the employment market.

Just remember:
One person's superhero is another person's sociopath.

1 comment:

Biirna Strongheart said...

remeber kids - the only way they can tell if you're a superhero or a sociopath is with a urine sample!