Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gabby & Chewie Comic Strip #4

I know I should post something other than a comic, but I can't help myself. There's a lot of comics waiting to be posted and I'm not up for thinking up something complex right now so here goes.

People wonder why I get so weird about the cats being in the bathroom so I've created this comic to demonstrate.

Even when I do my best to shut them out, given the tiniest opportunity, Gabby will rush in at top speed just to be in the inner sanctum which is a bathroom.

At times, the only way to get her out is to use the toilet plunger to poke her enough that she comes out from hiding behind the toilet.

Speaking of toilets, nothing says this is a fun time than jumping in the toilet and having the lid shut and break your tiny cat neck (I truly feared this would happen to my cats for many years).

But if not for her safety, then for the safety of my belongings which sit on the counter and appear to her to be toys or "sink candy" (items to be knocked down the drain never to be seen again).

 And speaking of candy, what happens when she breaks into all the medicine and eats it thinking it's candy? The last thing I want is to wake up in the middle of the night and trip over a dead cat on the way to the toilet. 

So no cats in the bathroom for as long as I can manage it, which will hopefully be forever as I don't want their tiny deaths on my hands.