Thursday, January 31, 2013


So I watched the finale of Fringe and I wanted to say something about it because it was a terrific show but I'm not sure what to say. I mean, the show's merits speak for themselves, I can't just sit here telling you how great it is, you have to experience it for yourself. But the ending of the series is what most people are currently questioning. Was it a good ending? In some ways yes. I know that sounds very diplomatic, but it was good and in some ways bad at the same time. I guess I take that back. It was not bad but obviously after dedicating years of your life to watching a phenomenal show, when it's over you're going to look back and think of ways it could have ended "better."

I'm not disappointed with the ending, it just kind of left me with a dumbfounded feeling. Not that the ending is confusing but with a "huh, it's really over" thought lingering in my head for a few days. While some people are  complaining about how it ends, I don't think the ending at all diminishes the astounding things the actors and writers did/created through the previous seasons of the show. I think when a series ends you have to evaluate not the last episode (unless it's absolutely horrible) but the series as a whole. Consider how the characters grew, and how the story arcs played out. Look back at the show, its characters and what it was able to accomplish over 5 seasons (such as amazing storytelling and amazing acting) and discuss it on those merits. Sure, every die hard fan has ideas of how it could have ended but we have to accept what was given to us.

I know I keep saying "great acting and great storytelling" which seem vague. I just don't want to give anything away if you've never seen it. I can say that this was a very thought provoking and imaginative series with very dedicated actors and writers. The tiny details that each applied to each scene are the icing on a very elaborate and well made cake. Many shows today don't take the time to make you think, to make you watch the background to a scene for extra clues, to make you care about the characters and to push the boundaries of what we expect a show to be able to do (not just entertain but to often surprise us as viewers). While not every episode or every story arc was mind-bending or awesome, by and far these talented entertainers and writers created a show beyond what most shows reach for today and beyond what the majority are able to achieve.

I guess it seems like I'm rambling now, but I can't express enough how awesome this show was and how grateful I am that it got to run as long as it did and it was able to show me how phenomenal television shows can be. While the term "fringe" in the show relates to the "fringe" sciences or science that is at the edge of human understanding or science that departs from mainstream theories; "fringe" (at least in my opinion) also relates to television that departs from mainstream entertainment. Now if we can just get some more shows to take note people might actually start taking television programming seriously as artistic and creative expression instead of just a mind-numbing boob-tube time drain.

Monday, January 14, 2013


I wouldn't say I'm addicted to movie watching, but I do watch probably more than my fair share of movies -or at least that's the response I get when I tell people how many I've seen and they look at me like I'm a weirdo. Okay we're not talking like every film made in 2012, viewed in 2012, but more than your average person and probably less than your real movie buff. Well what was supposed to be a quick intro to this topic is getting excessive so I'll get to the point.

In the past month or so I've seen 3 movies and I figure I'll mention them here.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I enjoyed the first installment (of three - people are surprised when they hear this so I like to include it when talking about the film) and I'm looking forward to the next ones. I don't know if anyone didn't enjoy this film. Okay so that's two negatives, so I'll restate it and say I think everyone liked this. No one had a bad thing to say about it. Okay so maybe some big nerds did but who listens to nerds anyways? It was a good movie, if you haven't seen it and you like fantasy bi-opics (because it is a true story), then you should check it out. The film also contains some of the most attractive dwarfs most viewers have ever seen (can you spot the three best looking in the poster above?).

Les Miserables

I expected this movie to have more talking and less singing. The acting was well done and I was glad that (SPOILER ALERT) some people survived. Okay not much of a spoiler but some people would be upset if they read that and they were expecting everyone to be dead at the end. Anyways, I was also disappointed that Wolverine wasn't in this film. I saw a lot of Hugh Jackman but no silvery claws. But I guess it would have been very different if mutants were invading early 19th century France. Although...Wolverine might have been there. Okay so he was born in the 1880s and the musical is set between 1815 and 1832 but maybe he teamed up with Bishop and time traveled there. Well, that version of events DID NOT occur in this musical which was kind of sad (more sad than the actual film). Also, people have been winning awards for this movie and stuff so I guess that's meaningful or something.

Cloud Atlas

I was seriously looking forward to this movie and it did not disappoint. I can't wait to see it a second time (with subtitles) so I can get a better understanding of the deeper meanings and see the wonderful storytelling and acting. While the main point of the story (as I understand it) is to explore reincarnation and show the evolution of a soul, one of the best actors in the film consistently plays "bad" guys/gals. Hugo Weaving's portrayal of nurse Noakes was awesome.

(Here nurse Noakes is in the background thinking "I'm gonna get you sucka!") On a more serious note, a lot of movies claim to be about storytelling, but it's formulaic, bland, been done (I hate remakes!) or big budget blockbusters. This film (while technically a big budget blockbuster) feels unique, is wonderful storytelling and makes a complex concept like reincarnation accessible. If I was handing out stars I'd give this movie all the ones I had on hand and with an I.O.U. check for more. Maybe it sounds like I'm really gushing here, but there are few movies that I really get excited about and that actually meet or go beyond my expectations and this movie was better than I expected (which rarely happens when I'm already expecting it to be awesome).

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just Another Stupid Year

Okay, so maybe this year won't be stupid, but I'm not holding my breath.

Okay, so that statement is pretty pessimistic and makes it seem like I'm not grateful to have yet another year to "chase my dreams" or whatever crap I'm selling this week.

Yeah, that's pretty pessimistic.

Anyways, it's 2013 (The world didn't end after all! Awesome!) and I feel obligated to say something here. So I guess this is me saying it. Which really is like saying nothing. Or at least nothing productive. Which is kind of like how last year felt, pretty unproductive. But feelings and logic don't typically line up and logically I know I did a lot last year. And I know I'll do a lot this year, and 2013 will be just like 2012 in that I'll keep plugging away "chasing my dreams" or whatever.