Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Days

Day three of snowy mornings driving to work. No fun.

Thinking about writing; realising that the reason I can't let this blog die is the same thing that makes me a writer. Even in down times, periods where I'm not writing, I still get a pretty constant barrage of story ideas. This consistent nagging is what keeps me writing, so down times don't end up being forever, eventually I get back into writing because I just have to many ideas to ignore. The same follows for this blog, I keep coming back because I keep getting ideas for posts. Sure, these first couple haven't been so great, and maybe they won't be overwhelmingly helpful to writers, but maybe someone will get something out of them; and, for me, the nagging is quieted a little bit longer so I can focus on work and school and my anxiety about driving in snow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's Better Than Mellow Hot Chocolate?


But here are some CDs that I've come across recently which have helped my writing muse and might nudge yours along as well (if you're into that sort of thing).

This is an interesting collection of traditional folk and celtic songs preformed by classically trained opera singer Bryn Terfel. He has a rich, deep voice which brings a new level of enchanment to some old tunes.

I first heard Niahm on an internet radio station and decided to look up any CD I could at the library and have a listen. I think she has a very "homey" feel to her voice, like a sibling or friend singing to us and her song choices completely fit with her sound and her style.

The Cast: The Winnowing

If I haven't raved about this before, I must now and again and again. I first heard this group on the radio show Thistle and Shammrock, and I've been in love with their work ever since. These two preformers need very little to make wonderful art as their insturments and vocals prove.

Other than listening to these CDs, here's what else is in my 6 CD changer right now:

Tori Amos: Under the Pink
One of Tori's first CDs, this is an interesting compilation of soulful lyrics and moving piano work. Not too abstract like some of her later work, this CD has songs that you connect with on an emotional level but also on a aesthetic level.

Their most recent CD and possibly their best yet. This band has put out numerous CDs since the 1990s some were hits, some were misses, but with this one they've found their stride. Utilizing strong guitar work, clever lyrics and great "power" ballads, Collective Soul has returned to some of their early sounds and has created a new CD that has definite replayability.

Lady Ga Ga: The Fame Monster [Deluxe Edition]
This set contains Lady Ga Ga's first and second CD. I haven't listen to the entirety of the first CD more than once yet, because my player keeps magically getting stuck on 'repeate' when Bad Romance plays, hmm...I should look into that. Anyways, the lyrics aren't always great but if you want to get up and move, Ga Ga will get you there.