Sunday, June 12, 2011


I often feel like my life is quite stagnant. For the past couple of years, I've worked the same job, known the same people, and while I've moved a couple times (all locations within a small radius of each other) my life hasn't really changed. I haven't really changed. I did start school last year to get my Masters degree, and while that was different, it didn't really change my life. At least not in a big, wave making sort of way. Not a change large enough to notice. But now big changes are coming. 

When I was growing up we moved a lot. I was born in the small town of Deckerville, MI, although my family lived in the smaller town of McGregor, MI. When my dad got into Michigan State University we moved to East Lansing. After he got his degree, we moved to Lansing. Then we moved at some point to Onondaga - but Eaton Rapids schools, then to Plainwell, then to Mason, then I was old enough to move out and I moved to East Lansing, then to Lansing proper, then to Haslett and then to Williamston. But even with all of that moving around, you never really get prepared for making a big move across several states.

So Thursday, I'm moving the majority of my things to Athens Georgia. 781 miles. Half a day of driving. Very far from the people I know, very far from where I've been. Thursday, I'll be dropping my stuff, then driving back, cleaning my current place, getting my cats, and driving to Athens again. Then the tedious unpacking and job search begins.

Why am I talking about all of this? Well, it's become apparent that as I box my life as I know it and make some big changes this blog is going to go unmanned until I get settled and have the opportunity to really dedicate the time to it that it deserves. Hopefully that doesn't put my kind readers into a deep depression that only multitudes of cat comics can heal. I don't anticipate a large break in my posts, but I wanted to let everyone know why I seem to be missing. Thank you for bearing with me in the meantime. ;)

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Truth about Narnia

Narnia is a mystical land known to many, but experienced by few. To my surprise, I've found that cats have dedicated their lives to finding enterances to Narnia, hoping to meet Aslan and have many adventures. But all travels to Narnia are not wonderous, and all tales of Narnia do not speak of the majesty and magic of the land and its creatures.

There is a moderate sized hole in the back of her owner's closet, and Whiskers is convinced it will lead to Narnia...

While her owners are away, Whiskers ventures forth into the unknown...

To her amazement, delight, joy and surprise, this hole in the wall truly is an opening to Narnia!

She wanders past the lamp that will show her the way home and goes forth to adventure, mystery and amazement...

She makes new friends, they share tea, she finds out that most creatures in Narnia are actually British, she tries not to be nationalist...

Over the years she enjoys excitement and joy beyond her wildest expectations. She KNEW Narnia would be everything she dreamed it to be. She KNEW everything Lewis said was true...

But she did not realize that while children can stay in Narnia for many years, finding their way back to the lamp by chance and returning to their own world as children again, only moments passing in this world while decades passed in Narnia - cats lives are much shorter. And most cats that find their way to Narnia never return in time. Such was how the tale of Whiskers in Narnia ended.

Cats everywhere still search for Narnia, in closets and wells, in all the dark closed places they can creep, forgetting the tale of Whiskers and of her terrible feat. To die within the world of magic, is terrible indeed, to never return to those you love by Lewis' mislead. For while the author loved children and Christian creed, he hated cats with a vengance and looked on them as weeds. To be pulled from this Earth by false dreams of adventure, not knowing their lives would soon end there. These cats are victims to be kept safe, before it is too late. So close your doors, board up the walls; and never let your cats go to Narnia.

Friday, June 3, 2011


So it Friday. And it's my last day of work.

Not for the week.

For ever.
And ever.

I guess I haven't processed all of the emotions yet. I just feel like a jerk. Exactly like I did when I gave my notice 4 weeks ago. Exactly like I do whenever I let people down (or at least I believe I've let them down).

But the library will continue on without me, and I'll find new adventures and other things to love/hate.

After 7.5 (yes I have to include the .5) years, leaving is a big change. I don't know what I'll do with the free time between now and when I get a new job. I don't know how I'll deal without all the crazies (most of whom have magically made an appearance today of all days, or so it feels like).

It's always strange finding out how much you mean to people when you are leaving, not while you're still around. It makes me feel bad because I live my life assuming few notice me and few care, and I live detached from others for those reasons. So with people tearing up and saying their goodbyes, I feel like some sort of weirdo who isn't upset. At least not yet. I tend to wear some pretty heavy armor when I'm at work, or around others in general. When I'm by myself, I might start to feel the saddness, the loss and the fear of what next?