Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shakespeare and I don't get along much.

There's no refuting that, but there is one fellow I get along with even less.


And I wanted to clear the air about some things dealing with my relationship with Chaucer. See, Chaucer and I go way back, even further back than my frienemieship with Shakespeare (which I must say for those readers who do not believe that time runs in a line). We shared some stories, found out how obnoxious the other one was and then began a long feud. The best work he created during that feud The Canterbury Tales the best work I created during that feud This Blog.

Why do Chaucer and I conflict? Well, I don't care for him because he thinks he just sooooo funny when it's obvious that I'm the witty one in our frenemieship. Why doesn't he like me? Because I'm a woman. But he was kind enough to craft the character of the Wife of Bath after me; or was that just him in drag, he's never really been clear on the subject. Either way, we've spent the last 700 years or so trying our best not to outdo the other in all aspects of life and it's proven to be more detrimental than helpful. Well, for his career at least. I think he'd be more productive in the writing department if he wasn't sneaking around my house at all hours trying to interrupt my sleep with his dumb puns and out right bad impressions of 14th century pilgrims. Why I ever decided to let him room with me, I'll never know...

For those of you like me that just skim text and look at photos, here are some pictures I've gathered of Chaucer over the years:
Chaucer pokes me while I'm sleeping:

Chaucer pokes himself while I'm sleeping:

Chaucer pokes me, while on a horse, while I'm sleeping:
Chaucer and Me, Best Roomies Ever!:

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I Love the roomies picture.