Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kids Are Screaming Outside

Because it's nice out, and when the weather is nice you are allowed, by law, to be crazy. This also applies to full moons.
Considering being outside instead of inside watching the TV or surfing the net, it reminds me of a pact I made with myself. I realized that there are 3 things that consume my time: Work, Sleep, TV. I can't do a lot about work, since I have to pay my bills, and sleeping is also a bit essential (although I could probably sleep less) but TV (while it is good to have entertainment in your life) is a big waste sometimes (most of the time really). So I've made a pact to try out not watching TV and see how much other stuff I can get done. So far, this is what it's been like:


Work: 9-5:30pm

Nap: 6-8:30pm

Prepare Dinner/wash dishes: 8:45-9:20pm

Eat dinner/unfortunately watch TV: 9:20pm-10pm

Read Bless Me Ultima: 10-11pm

Talk on phone: 11-11:30pm

Go to Bed: 11:30pm

Okay, so I wasn't able to not watch TV, this was due to 2 problems. 1st, I live alone and watching TV is what I do when I eat because it's easier than staring at the wall. 2nd, I have the habit of watching TV which is hard to break. Luckily I only watched 40 minutes instead of my usual 2-3hrs a night, unfortunately it was 40 minutes of 20/20 Bachelor (tv show) expose (accent on the 'e'). When TV watching boils down to viewing anything that is on just to not do other things then you know it's got to go.

I'm hoping that by getting rid of my TV habit, I'll be able to do more things like read more, write more and ultimately complete more with my life than the people who waste away infront of the boobtube. Maybe someday, I'll be one of those crazy people who doesn't have a TV in the living room, or at the least I'll hide one in a cabinet so that the temptation is hidden away and other, more important aspects of life, will take up my time.

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