Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Tragedy and Redemption of the "Cookie Monster"

One thing about working in libraries, is that you come across some very interesting titles that you wouldn't always notice otherwise.
Recently I noticed this cute book:
I was taken in by the adorable cover but then found the inside text to be very different than I imagined. Quickly, I was swept into this (albiet poorly written) autobiography of the creature known as the "Cookie Monster".
The book tells of when his father left.
It tells of when he first picked up a cookie:
How he wept for his loss and found solace in this sweet treat.Eventually cookies gave him the love he had lost when his dad walked out. But this new kinship would only lead to more pain and self destruction.
A quote from the text: "I love cookie so much, but cookie expensive. Sell cookie to children for monies."
The Cookie Monster (as police and neighborhood officals deemed him) found that his lack of sales experience and his poor grasp of the english language led him to many a night in gutters going through cookie withdrawl.One arrest too many finally put the Cookie Monster behind bars:
(Yes, in the book he claims that he spent his time at Alcatraz).Upon release from prison, the Cookie Monster was put in a halfway house on the infamous:
This street was home to many ex-cons and several mental patients that couldn't get appropriate care due to governmental budget cuts. It was determined that the only way to protect society from these vagrants was to place them in this single street ghetto full of crime and despair.
Luckily, through group therapy and positve reinforcement, the Cookie Monster made strides towards becoming cookie free. Through regression therapy he realized that his real name was Charles Musser and that he no longer was a monster.
Charles hopes to one day be released from the Sesame Street facility, to spread his word of redemption and help others like him find a new way.

Just goes to show you that you never know what you'll find when looking through the books at your local library.


Amanda said...


This also leads to the natural questions about the underlying message of Seasme Street on Ice.

Andrew said...

I applaud your hilarious mockery of cookie monster, but begrudge your attempt to tarnish the glory of Seasme Street by calling it a street of ex cons.
Still, very fun read.

Jennifer Innes said...

I never thought about Sesame Street on Ice, I wonder if Ice is code word for smack.