Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Must Do's

1. Listen to Interpol - I cannot explain the genius behind this band, you must hear it for yourself. Best songs, in my opinion: Evil, Slow Hands, Not Even Jail, C'mere, Length of Love, Pioneer to the Falls, The Heinrich Maneuver.

2. Finish watching Dr. Who season 3 (2007). It's always hard for me to finish things, and Dr. Who is no exception (I don't like when things end) but my Dad is pushing for us to watch the new Dr's episodes so I need to finish the Tennant seasons :(

3. Do some dishes. They pile quickly and while I won't get them all done, I need to do some before they grow into a dish creature and take over my house.

4. Dig out more of my garden space. Although it's still too cold in Michigan to plant, I need to get that space of the yard ready so I can plant everything when the weather is right.

5. Practice softball. I want to improve my slowpitch pitching skills, so I gotta practice.

6. Homework. Must finish 1st half of Beloved by Toni Morrison. Must write English essay. Must complete two short essays for History class.

I'm sure there are more things but I guess this is enough for one night, although I'm sure I'll only do 10% of it and then veg out like usual.

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I^3 said...

Ummmm... you neglected to mention specialist and no I in threesome. Come on, some of the most comedic work they've done.