Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

So I'm sitting here thinking:

"What can I blog about today? Hmmmm...there's nothing interesting going on...nothing funny I can think of...if only I was inspired somehow..."

Then I remember that it's Earth Day.

So as a friendly Earth Day reminder, please do not light any tires on fire, don't microwave Styrofoam, cut up your plastic can holder thingies (so they don't get wrapped around a duck/goose/bird's neck when you inevitably put it in a dumpster), recycle/reuse your plastic bags - it's really disgusting what animals will eat and will ultimately kill them from twisting up their insides, and shred your personal documents because identity theft is rampant in our country.

J/k about the last part, identity theft might be rampant but Earth Day is about the Earth not about you, so stop making it about you and your almost paranoid worries about the identity robbers and whatnot. Do you think Earth is thinking about itself on your birthday? (although Earth Day is not the day the Earth was formed, the most logical comparison to "your day" is your birthday so stop critiquing me while I get this out.)

No, because Earth isn't a B.

Yeah, I said it.

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