Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Something A Little Different...

As a writer, I've tried my hand at more than one genre. From a viable source (or at least a University considered her one), I've found that I'm very bad at creative non-fiction. I would say I'm worse at creative non-fiction than I am at Spanish but then I would have to ask myself que? which is what I always thought was equivalent in English to what? when it's really equivalent to that so I always ask that? but never in response to "who knows what [insert item here] is?" when I'm looking at the item and can point at it and say that? or que?. But luckily my sister, who knows Spanish much better than I do, is kind and is not mean to her slower sister, and when I say Que? she knows what I mean.

Long story short, my Spanish is pathetic, but my non-fiction writing compares to that of a three year old telling a story (or so I'm told). Even longer story short, I've decided to compete for a coveted spot on NPR reading my creative non-fiction essay for "This I believe".
Click on this sentence to link to This I believe, Inc. for further explanation.

What does this have to do with fantasy writing you ask?
Nothing, absolutely nothing. I only posted this to challenge all of my gifted readers to try their own hand at writing a 350-500 word essay explaining what they believe in. Perhaps you should challenge yourself as I am.
Por que no? I ask, Why not?

No matter what the genre, any writing can help a writer increase their skill, and maybe in the end, my creative non-fiction will challenge that of a four year old telling a story.

At least it can't hurt.

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