Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bored on a Saturday Night

Okay, so I'm not technically bored, I have things to do. But when brilliance strikes, one must have the courage to follow ones intuition and create a masterpiece of such genius that it shall live forever in the hearts of small children everywhere (or at least offer you a good laugh).

For those of you who did not understand the pink text under the "Kittencorn not approved" logo, it was Kittencorn's theme song.

Here is a small video I made, displaying the well written verses (which are printed under the
video for your reading pleasure).

She’s half a kitten and half a unicorn!
She’s full of hugs, kisses, rainbows, clovers and blue moons!
Not a freak, just a replicator’s mistake!
Or was it planned by the angels to bring us such a sweetheart?
It’s Kittencorn!


Amanda said...

Kittencorn the music video!!!

Todd D. Severin said...

Great blog, I truly enjoy it. I'm adding your link to my writing blog.

Keep up the great work!