Sunday, September 15, 2013

Have I Really Been Gone That Long?

Wowza, how time flies. I'm starting to see a trend though, seems like every year I get into a funk followed by a busy period followed by a funk and I put this blog on the back burner. For anyone who is disappointed by this, I apologize. I will say that, during the busy period between funks, I did some great things and I'm moving one of my projects forward (at a snail's pace but at any pace is better than no pace). One thing I want to share with you is something I finalized recently. My first YouTube author video! Okay, the exclamation mark is a little excessive because it's not that exciting, but I had to give it some emphasis since it feels like a moderately sized reveal. So here it is:

Yeah, that's how awkward I am in real life. Okay, you got me, that's how awkward I am when I'm keeping the awkwardness in check, it's a lot worse in real life...

Anyways, good stuff coming down the pipeline and I'll be updating here to keep everyone informed. :)

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