Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield and National Park

One of the things we got to go see during my birthday was Kennesaw mountain. Located in Kennesaw, Georgia, it's where Sherman's Atlanta campaign began. Kennesaw is north of Atlanta, and when Sherman was unable to defeat Johnston's troops on the mountain he flanked towards Atlanta with Johnston in hot pursuit. Since finding myself in Georgia, I've been really interested in Sherman's Atlanta campaign and in the parallels between Sherman's travels in Georgia and my own travels in this state. Finally I had the opportunity to checkout not just Kennesaw mountain but some other civil war site in North Georgia  to fuel my interest in this topic. Below are some of my Kennesaw mountain photographs.

This cannon is at the entrance of the park, probably to keep  Northerners out. Luckily no one was manning it when we showed up.

This is a side view of the field in front of the mountain.

This is a nice old tree in front of the mountain.

Here is the mountain from the road we came in on.

Amanda driving into the sunset as we pass by the front of the mountain.

This is the shuttle drop-off point near the top of the mountain.  It apparently was a misty morning.

Here is another view from this point on the mountain before I climbed up further.

This is looking down to the road from above the drop-off point.

A second shot from right above the drop-off point.

The walk up the mountain included old fences and cannons.

Closer to the fences and you can just see cannon wheels on the left side of the photo.

More fences, kind of gives it a historic feel although the dogs, children, walkers and bicyclists don't really help you feel like you've walked back through time.

A tiny flower growing out of a tree stump. I love tiny flowers so I couldn't say no to this photo.

A view over the edge of the mountain next to a cannon.

The cannon from behind (better than being in front I guess).

The  top peak (left side as you walk up from the trail).

Left side of peak just with more misty view of the city below.

Right side of the peak.

More from the right side.

More from the right side.

Even more from the right side (I guess this side looked more interesting).

The mountain top was covered in limestone (at least that's what I assume it is) which is relatively easy to carve into and therefore there were several carvings around the area. Only this one caught my eye, it's probably a recent carving but poignant unlike the "Joey hearts Charlie" I saw on another rock.

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