Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Early Birthday Treat

So I decided to make an early birthday treat to share with some friends I wouldn't be seeing on my birthday. 

I started with a Pillsbury Strawberry cake mix 
(my absolute favorite even though it's full of horrible things):

The recipe to make cake calls for water, oil and 3 eggs. The recipe to make cookies calls for just oil and 2 eggs. The finished product should look like this: 

 I've made cake cookies too many times to count (although I usually make them from a dark chocolate generic mix and add chocolate syrup and chocolate chips to make them a "triple chocolate threat") and it should have been simple to do. 
Oh, how wrong I was...

In the past I've been easily able to substitute applesauce for oil when making cakes so I didn't think it would be different for cookies. I even think I've used it with the chocolate cookies before, but I can't say for certain. Anyways, I subbed out the oil with applesauce and the dough made a more whipped texture than a cookie texture. 
I figured I'd cook a pan full and see what it ended up becoming. 

Cupcake buns is what I got. Or maybe something more akin to strawberry muffin tops. They are kind of like cupcakes without the wrapper. Too fluffy to be considered cookies but too flat to be a cupcake.

The taste was still spot on, and with a dollop of  rainbow chip frosting, 

they were ready to go!

Maybe they weren't what I set out to make, but everyone seemed to enjoy them and that's what really matters.

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