Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ship Was Named Destiny...

In the middle of April, my sisters and I went on a cruise. Below are pictures from our trip.

I was in charge of locating a vessel and got suckered into a really good deal with what ended up being a pirate ship. Luckily the pirates aboard were semi-retired and fans of the blog, so we got top notch treatment:

 Our first stop was in Key West, Florida. While here, we visited the famous Hemingway house, which houses between 40 and 50 cats, many of which have an extra toe on their paw (polydactyl). Being intelligent creatures, as most cats are, they had learned - and shared with us - a rude hand gesture with this extra digit:

Before long, the Rooster Kings booted us off their island because the pirates threatened the innocent nature of their young with gambling, drinking and excessive potty language:

Next, we stopped in Cozumel, Mexico. This small island was a great port for the pirates who made a quick buck selling the vacationing passengers to a sweat shop. The most awkward part (besides being drenched in sweat) was that at least one passenger kept asking where all the "sweets" were:

Before they left the island, the pirates broke us out of the factory, stole our pathetic wages and dragged us back to the ship. They felt bad about what had transpired and gave us the chance to cool down in a nice pool of water:

The long trip back to the mainland was called a "Fun Day At Sea". Between the song and dance presentations of the pirates and the on-board reproduction of A Perfect Storm, we also were able to complete in a 'Prettiest Lady Contest". To no one's surprise, the manatee won:

As we came into dock we all thanked Poseidon for our adventure, and the crew requested that we come back again next year for another wild ride. I think I'll have to pass.

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Biirna Strongheart said...

Easily the most boring cruise I've ever been on. And between you and me, I thought the one eyed sea turtle was a shoe-in for prettiest lady. Just goes to show how shallow pirates really are...