Saturday, March 19, 2011

How I Roll

So I've jumped on the bandwagon. This new craze of creating musical weekend tributes has made me feel compelled to drop my own weekend tribute comic. When the Bee Gees first came out with Saturday Night Fever (about a weekend they had the flu), they had no idea of the craze they would establish so many years later and with the Black Eyed Peas song I've Got a Feelin' (About them going to a bar mitzvah on the weekend - Mazel tov!) this craze doesn't seem to want to die any time soon, so here is my comic contribution to the weekend par-tays!


Sunny said...

hehehe.. sounds like me at times ;P but not this weekend :3 flying to london tomorrow ^^

Lame Unicorn said...

Thank you for the comment Sunny, why are you flying to London?

Biirna Strongheart said...

I guess that's better than my payday, where I blow my whole check in coke and spend the weekend alternating between flying high and trying to cut the bugs out of my veins.