Friday, October 8, 2010

AHHHHH - Brain Explosion!

So I keep starting and stopping posts. Most are duds, some might be promising, but I just can't focus on any to make them good enough. Will this post be good enough? No, but it's the product of finally giving up and just putting something down on the web - that sticky, sticky web full of other abandoned insect corpses, dust and the occasional predatory spider.

Here is a list of post ideas I've worked on and then abandoned. Maybe you'll see them in a future post. If so or if not, you at least can see what craziness I'm dealing with:

Rip Van Winkle – funnier than it seems.

Clich├ęs – Not sure where I was going with this one.

Bad Movies I've enjoyed.

Workin' and Schoolin' – I think the title is probably only as bad as the content, which means it's probably a post flop.

Carrot Shoots and Weeds – about my now expired vegetable garden, which wasn't expired when I first came up with this idea.

Key Chains – Apparently this seemed interesting…for half a second.

Revisiting the Pie Chart of Motivation

The Philosophy of Styx – the band, not the river and My Personal Preferences – Those commies think they know me so well…

Should people who tell bad jokes be arrested?

Pop Authors – Writing for a buck not for the art

Sugar Makes Me Rageful – Need I say more?

Script Writing – Which I know little about…

Titles – I think I've done this before but I wanted a second stab at this subject.

Raptor Con 2009 – Obviously missed the boat on that one.

These are just the ones I started on the blog, not counting all of the notes I have floating around
my house with ideas. I even have one draft online that is just full of pictures of my cat Gabby, not sure where I was going with that one…

So why am I not writing all of this out for my lovely readers to enjoy? Well, I'm lazy. It's not just that, I'm also busy, but that's not much of an excuse now is it? I have a good, solid fear of redundancy which limits my creative talents, have I said that before? Maybe I should delete it for fear of repeating myself. Hmmm.

I also think, being afraid of failure, I just don't do stuff for fear of doing crap poorly. I know that by looking at my blog you'll be like: "Jenny, so much of your blog is full of ridiculous junk, I think you're lying when you say you only bring your 'A' game to these posts." Maybe you're right, maybe some of my posts are 'B' game or even 'C' game, but I never bring a 'D' game post to this blog and that is a guarantee.

So along with work, school, and trying to bring my 'C' game or higher to this blog, I've been requested to add my "expertise" to another site ( - has anyone even heard of this?) which is probably good to get the PR but bad for my already limited abilities to keep up with ANYTHING, and now NANOWRIMO is upon us again. How can I do it all without the inevitable Brain Explosion?!?!?!?!?!

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