Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vampires Bite

The vampire myth has been around since, well, since vampires starting appearing on the scene. The myth has mystified writers and readers and continues to pop up in books and on television. The main element that keeps this archetypal character interesting, are the new spins put on the character. Be it a bunny turned vamp (Bunnicula) or a Vampire vampire killer (Blade), keeping this archetype fresh and exciting is the key to it's longevity in text, film and T.V.

The vampire craze doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. It seems to be spreading to cats, maybe those who have seen the movie twilight - idk. But consider this photo from the web as evidence:This would explain my own cat's recent desire to bite anything and everything. Even a poor defenseless book:The assault on my book leads me to believe that my own cat is more out for knowledge than blood, but she was unsuccessful since she only punctured the cover of this unsuspecting victim.

When exploring a character of a vampire, it's a tricky line to walk; keeping with vampire lore while creating a new vampire story, especially when vampire lore isn't always accepted as vampire fact. Can vampires go in sunlight? What truly kills a vampire? Are they soulless? Are they immortal? Do they have reflections? So many questions must be answered!?!?!?! I guess I'll have to ask my cat but only after she's bit enough books to learn English.


Amanda said...

Cutest vampires evar :)

Andrew said...

I often considered how interesting it would be if a vampire sucked the blood of a victim and by doing so could learn everything there is to learn about that person.
Perhaps a young man is bit, and the vampire takes pity, gives him his blood, and the man in turn learns everything about the vampire.
Your vampire cat is darling, I wish she was more pouncy though.