Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bigger the Dream...

The More Epic the Failure...

Recently, I was given a link to a "funny" blog. http://fuckyoupenguin.blogspot.com/
I perused the site, and noticed that this blog has millions of readers (okay, so maybe that's a tiny stretch). And my site, has 4 readers (consistent enough (if I bother them) readers). I figure, funny wise, FYP blog and my blog are pretty equal. So what does this blog have that mine doesn't (other than t-shirts you can buy and profane language)? I can't find an answer to that question (other than Amanda's suggestion that it just has better press), so I've fallen into a "blue" mood and done some soul searching via the internetz. Here is what I've come up with.
Exhibit A:
The funny people at despair.com have this to say about dreams:
I read this and my first thought was "I love rainbows!" and I realized that's where I first went wrong.
Having a childlike hope in the world has led me down the path towards epic failure. After almost 1 year of working on this blog, I've got nothing to show for it except for 47 posts of blithering garbage.
Exhibit B:
Here is an adorable kitten who, get this, has her own blog.
Mind you, it's all in Japanese, but still, it's more popular than my blog.
So, mulling this over, I realized that if I don't use profanity, and if I'm not a cute kitten, then I'm never going to be internet famous.
But then, I remembered that kittens grow up.
Exhibit C:

Oh, what wicked webs we weave...Honestly, stardom has not treated this kitten kindly (yes, this is a picture of the same kitten all grown up - I know you don't want to believe it, but it's true). I guess there are prices to pay for internet fame, and I'm not sure I'm ready to be so despondent and dead to the world.

I think my biggest failure is that I think I'm too funny and I want the world to acknowledge this as trooth. The world has declined, but I'll keep writing these posts so at least someday (unless blogger shuts my blog down) I can look back and laugh until I cry (be it because I'm laughing so hard or because I'm abhorrently depressed with my lifetime of failed dreams.


Amanda said...

Torn between leaving a supportive comment and a funny one, I decided to leave both. First, I love your blog and I don't want you to stop writing just cause other people haven't picked up on how awesome it is yet! Second, that cat is fugly and needs a fashion intervention stat - let's you and me hop on a plane to Japan mmmkay?

... said...

Don't be discouraged! Quality over quantity, you know... You may have fewer readers than that snobby rival blog, but each one of your readers is worth 500,000 times more in every way possible.

Best blog ever, theriouthly, I really do enjoy reading every week :)

The definitive good times.

- Trik

Cultural Laureate, Cecilia said...

OMG, I love the new banner and color setup. I'm so excited for April 8th, if you know what I mean!