Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Zoology of Mythical Creatures Vol. 2

I must say that I am not an expert. I consider myself a field researcher who brings back the things I observe, along with crude drawings rendered in paint shop. Enjoy!

Faeries: Human in form, have magical powers such as the ability to fly and cast spells. They dwell among nature and often appear for children or the youthful hearted. They can be mischievous or helpful.

Trolls: Gruesome creatures, known to live under bridges (not to be confused with hobos). May steal children, known to be tricksters but do not like to be tricked themselves. Some consider them very intelligent while others see them as being very dim witted.

Gnomes: These creatures have been considered part fairy or of their own species. They live among nature and can be mischievous but helpful. Often depicted wearing dunce-caps although considered to be quite intelligent.

Elves: Elves were originally believed to be a race of nature and fertility gods. Most are immortal and have magical abilities. They may be very tall or very small (fairy sized). Human like and extremely beautiful.

Ogres: Hideous monster, large human shape. May feed upon unsuspecting or suspecting humans. Shunned by society for their looks and voracious appetites. Ogres hide in forests and swamps. And yes, he is attempting to eat a baby in this picture.
Jenny's World of Little Known Facts:
It is said that trolls steal children for elves to bake in their delicious cookie recipes for ogres to purchase and eat. It's a win-win situation, except for the babies.
Elves are customarily seen with large ears and can be thrown into a fit of rage when asked if they are vulcans.
Fairies are similar to fireflies - they also emit a glow at night, with the exception that faries leave a pink streak on your windshield not a green one.
Remember the game "freeze tag"? Well it's not just a game for gnomes. Whenever your eyes
"tag" a gnome it freezes into whatever position it was in when you spotted it. So if you're home alone and you hear the shower running, don't go into the bathroom because no one wants to see a naked gnome frozen in the shower.
Trolls enjoy tricks. Especially magic tricks. It's quite possible that David Blaine is a troll, or a hobo or both.


Andrew said...

I've noticed Jenny's World of Little Known Facts is similar to Historically Inaccurate Jenny.
Not sure which I prefer at this moment, but both are enjoyable.
Also, on a more serious note, wheres the mention or orcs or ork? What about goblins? Just some ideas, because I'm sure Zoology of Mythical Critters Vol 3 needs some goblin and orc and wood nymph love.

Amanda said...

Two things: first, do trolls pratice "bum's law"? And if so, what does it smell like? Second, I'd like a mention of the Drow and various characters created by and used soley for the purpose of Final Fantasy games :P.