Sunday, June 2, 2013

Unigons & Dracorns

Over the weekend I had a moment with a pencil, some paper and my always working overactive imagination. I started trying to make a cute baby dragon. So I made really big eyes, but quickly these eyes made my baby dragon look like E.T. So Amanda suggested that I add hair around the face to make the eyes seem smaller. While most dragons don't have hair, I thought it was a good idea and drew some on. Then I realized that my baby dragon had pretty much become a dragon/unicorn hybrid. 

(It's even drooling for added cuteness.)
What exciting uncharted territory I had stumbled upon. What happens when someone finds a creature that hasn't been defined yet? I looked at the Lion/Tiger Lyger/Tigon example to determine what this new creature would be called. So if our unicorn/dragon baby is female it would be referred to as a Unigon and if it was a male it would be a Dracorn. Okay so this is just a theory because I'm not scientist, just a writer with an overactive imagination, a pencil and some paper. 


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That is a terrifying image. :)