Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Can Happen In A Month?

Absolutely nothing.

It's true, I spent a month away, for no good reason other than it was hard coming up with things to write about and then as the time passed I felt even more awkward about coming back. It's like that friend you were supposed to call but then you wait too long and then you feel like a jerk and think maybe they're mad, maybe they don't want to talk anymore, how are you going to explain why it took you so long? And then you just keep sitting on it, knowing you're supposed to call but feeling worse and worse about not doing it and anxious about the conversation that will happen if you do call. And so you don't call and then years pass, lifetimes pass and then one day you're walking around the supermarket and you see them and they're all like: "Weren't you supposed to call me?" and you're all like: "Who are you? I'm 70 and I have dementia!" And then you try to run away as fast as possible with your bum knees and walker decked out with yellow tennis balls.

Well, my blog caught my elderly self at the supermarket, and I was too slow to run away so here I am, blogging again. Not that I would ever leave for that long, but it's hard showing up when you feel like you have nothing to talk about. So back to the title of this post, What Can Happen In A Month? Pretty much not a whole lot (if you're me). Got a few job interviews, got an awful, awful cold, had a couple of birthday celebrations (yes my birthday was in September - sorry you missed it ;p) and then did a whole lot of nothing. Well not nothing, I'm in school, job hunting, having visitors and holding down the fort but it feels like nothing because it's just the same old, same old.

I still don't think I've got a whole lot to share here, but the blog keeps haunting my dreams (and my supermarket visits) so I figured I had to come back. Even if we haven't chatted in a while, once I finally break the cycle of silence it's easier to get back to where things were and to see things into something better.

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