Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Goal for March

So I've been thinking a lot about hurdles (like this year's super cold which still has me coughing up stuff) and how I, myself, am my own biggest hurdle in life.

It's really ridiculous but true.

So I've decided that I absolutely have to finish my current writing project. I've got 30k down on the computer and I need 30k more. The story may or may not have 30k in it, or it might have more (fingers crossed) but either way, this story has to get typed and finished. If I can finish it then maybe someone will publish it, if I can't finish it I'll still be going no where. So I've set the goal of  30k in March (I made a nice banner that can be seen on the right side of the screen). 

Books on writing always tell you to look for support at home, so that's what I did. I told my cats that I was going to be dedicating time to writing and that I needed their help to stay on course. They nodded passively and I figured they didn't care. Then I got an email from Gabby. She had drawn me two pictures (so nice of her). The first is just her being a happy, supportive friend:

Then I noticed the second picture attached. I'm not sure if it's also supposed to show support or if there is some sort of secret meaning behind it. I'll let you decide.


Hotboy said...

Hi! My goal for march is to sell two copies of my book on Amazon kindle. I've had eight plays produced and had two novels published, but since I've got eight unpublished, I thought I'd stick one on kindle to test the waters. Three sold in six months!! It's a cheap as they'd allow as well. So I thought I'd better go forth and tell folk it was there! Thanks for bothering to read this!

Biirna Strongheart said...

My goal for March is to stop being such a loser...fingers crossed!

P.S. I think Gabby is telling you that she has a secret admirer.