Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making A Stand: With Kittencorn!

Recently, I've found two "published" authors online that act as though they have some sort of superior knowledge about writing and being "published" because they are "published".
I keep using the quotation marks around published because these two fiends are published on This is a site which allows you to take whatever drivel you came up with on a late Saturday afternoon and publish it - without any person who has any authority/experience/knowledge to okay your novel. It's like me, saying I'm an artist without ever having artwork in a gallery, wait, I've done that. Okay, it's like me saying I'm a singer without ever making a CD, wait, I've done that too. It's like me saying I'm a published author without having someone with credentials want to actually publish my work, and then having them follow through with those inclinations by publishing it with a credible publisher.
Long story short, Lulu Press is:

She’s half a kitten and half a unicorn!
She’s full of hugs, kisses, rainbows, clovers and blue moons!
Not a freak, just a replicator’s mistake!
Or was it planned by the angels to bring us such a sweetheart?
It’s Kittencorn!

To learn more about kittencorn please read future blogs and check out for a future blog featuring our favorite furry friend: Kittencorn!

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