Friday, June 20, 2008

The Other Creative Arts In Which I Dabble...

This was a spur of the moment idea, to share some of the areas I express my creativity.
I enjoy art:
(This is a Jenny original)

I enjoy music:

(This is my fake band, I'm the Lame Unicorn - incase you were wondering)

I like to draw comics:

(Most are related to work, but are not as comical as Dilbert)

And I like to make children's crafts:
(Mind you, the pom-pom grover is my contribution to this set.)

I guess, upon review of these creative pursuits, I should probably stick to writing...


David Grund :: said...

This post is awesomely hilarious, except that you didn't give me credit for Oscar or for being the Biscuit.

Amanda said...

pshaw, you are good at everything you do, don't be such a debbie downer. Remember, "without me[you] it's just aweso".