Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fantasy Pick

I decided it was time to break from the norm and post a fantasy pick of mine. This is a series I can’t stop raving about. I first came across the movie version of Night Watch, and loved it.
Soon there after I watched the sequel Day Watch:
And I found the book series which includes:
Night Watch
Day Watch
Twilight Watch
and the fore-coming Last Watch (no cover art on amazon yet).
Click Here To See It At Amazon.com

This entire series is an enchanting portrayal of current Russia and a group of people with super human abilities. These "others" have to choose if they will work on the side of light or the side of darkness, and the "watches" have been established to patrol the opposing side. The writing is well done (even after the translation) and the characters, magical powers and the entire basic concept of the plot is intriguing. Then, to see where the author takes the characters, which conflicts he creates and the interesting interplay between staff and boss, light and dark, makes for a beautiful interpretation of a fantasy world that could exist without any of us knowing. If you're looking for a good fantasy read, check this series out.

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